Savera Noriega

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner - Stichting Lichaamsgerichte Trauma- therapie, the Netherlands.
Conscious Relating and Inner Child Work Trainer - Learning Love Institute, Arizona, USA
Osho Meditations Facilitator - Osho International; Pune, India.
Stress en Relaxation Coach - Belgische Wellness Federatie.

You can click this link at linked in to see my CV.
About me:
Born in Mexico in 1976, my interest in personal development begon in 1991 with courses in personal development, followed by a long trajectory of Western methods of therapy, psychology and Eastern methods for awareness. 

While living in Belgium with my dear husband Johan, I’m enthousiastic to share my passion for awareness and transformation in TouchStudio. I believe that happy living is about balance, and creating sustainable life affirmative choices. It's about variety of experiences, and life long learnings. It's about finding the beauty in the things we are capable of and sometimes accepting the things that we can't do.

Why therapy or coaching?
Therapy can support you in working through issues in distressing times. It can also be an exciting space for personal development, growth and exploration. Body oriented methods can help you to integrate other cognitive processes you are or have been in.
My approach to therapy and coaching is one of compassion, empathy and a collaborative endeavour between me and the client that aims to find new perspectives on his life making progress possible. In my field as a trauma therapist I often see that a small positieve change can mean the difference in the long term of a life’s person. Having processed and integrated difficult issues effectively, a person reconnects with strengths that he would not otherwise access. Then his “yes” to whatever life presents is possible with more resiliency and clarity.

These themes I can work with:
- Anxiety & Depression: panic attacks, low self-esteem, mood swings, Social anxiety, self-destructive behaviour, eating disorders,
- Loss and Trauma: bereavement, bullying, shock and abandonment issues, emotional and sexual abuse, falls and car accidents, pre and post operatory interventions, victim of natural disasters, war victims, PTSD.
- Relationship difficulties: relationship breakdown/breakup, loneliness, sexual identity, chronic shame and vulnerability, problems in setting limits or opening to a new partner.
- Work & Career: Chronic Stress, anxiety and Burn-out related to work

What sessions do I offer?
- Stress Coaching for treatment and prevention
- Body Oriented Trauma Therapy - Somatic Experiencing
- Bodywork - exclusive for TouchStudio clients with a large trajectory
- Osho Active techniques - individually or in group settings
- Relaxation Therapy and Somatic Meditations - breath and mindful techniques
- Psychoeducation for improving your relationships - attachment and codependency

Which methods?
I use as tools my own personal experience, international trainings and professional therapeutic skills based on Codependency, Inner Child Work, Osho therapeutic meditations, Mindfulness, Body Oriented Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing), Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Bioenergetics, Bodywork and breath techniques...

When necessary I will refer you to another psychologist/psychotherapist, medical doctor or specialist to process issues I can’t help you or are not in my scope of practice.
I hope that in some way I will be able to positively influence in your healing journey. I offer private sessions in Dutch/English and group presentations and workshops in English.

What happens at the first appointment?

When booking a session you will be sent by email an intake questionnaire that you need to print, fill in by hand and bring to our first meeting.
This initial consultation session is an opportunity for us to meet. We will explore your therapeutic goals and how is best to progress by building up resources and if I could be of help to you and then deciding if we can work together.
In this session we will also agree our contract including regular meeting times and the fee.
It is also an opportunity for me to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process of therapy or coaching. My approach is short term.

Making an Appointment
To arrange an initial appointment please email me at

Alternatively, you may phone me on +32 (0)484.713.900.

 If I cannot take your call, you can leave a message with your phone number and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.  All calls and e-mails are treated confidencially.